Wrestling Move or Sex Position? Prove you know your WWE from your Karma Sutra right here

Here's your chance to prove that you have more wrestling and sex knowledge than your friends and therefore are the coolest kid in town


The WWE Royal Rumble is only days away, and what better way to celebrate a quiet day in the office than by combining two of our favourite things: Wrestling and Sex Quizzes.

The challenge is simple. Can you prove you are the coolest of all your friends by correctly selecting which of the 10 names are sex positions, and which are famous WWE moves? Bragging rights are at stake and the pressure is on. The last thing anybody wants is you confusing your Cobra Clutch and your Cobra Position. That’s only going to end in tears.

Are you relying on your nerdy knowledge of wrestling or your experience between the sheets? Take the test now to find out…

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