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Royal Rumble 2017 Sweepstakes Kit: Get ready to smack down your mates by picking the winner

Win money off your friends, family and fellow wrestling nerds by printing off Paddy Power's Royal Rumble 2017 Sweepstakes Kit


Did we mention the Royal Rumble is this weekend? We might just have repeated it more times than Triple H says “best for business”!

So with the with 30 men in the running for the main event spot at Wrestlemania, we’ve decided to put together a Sweepstakes Kit for the Royal Rumble match so that you can win some cash from your mates and even your family.

Using Undertaker-like powers to delve into Vince McMahon’s mind, we’ve picked out 30 of wrestling current top names who we believe will enter the match when the buzzer sounds. So get everyone in your life ready to Rumble and have some fun with our kit.

Grapple with the latest Royal Rumble odds at PP.com


Click the link above to print off your sweepstake kit, cut out each wrestler, throw them all into a hat (preferably a Cena cap if you have one to hand) and the conduct a completely above board and reasonable draw – making sure the guy you don’t like in Accounts draws an absolute jobber.

* Paddy Power does not authorise the use of steel chairs to settle any desputes.

Pin down all the best Royal Rumble punts at PP.com

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