Orange is the new president, but Theresa May back him

Donald Trump is due to host the British Prime Minister tomorrow


Theresa May is jetting off to meet Donald Trump tomorrow, under pressure to simultaneously criticise his chauvinistic actions while convincing him to support post-Brexit Britain.

The Prime Minister will almost certainly be on her high heels, but will need to climb down from her high horse pretty rapidly if she’s to get the newly empowered President on side.

With that in mind, we’ve has come up with a slew of mischievous betting specials for tomorrow’s momentous meeting.

All the best odds on the Trump/May meeting are on

Trump certainly doesn’t lack presence, but we wonder if May might produce a gift on arrival – a matching spray tan in tribute (8/1).

While they think it’s a 10/1 shot that the pair match fashion-wise – that’s the price we’re offering for the two leaders to each turn up wearing tartan suits.

Other bets include the possibility of Trump giving May a gift – showering her with gold (25/1) – the announcement that Britain will pledge funding for the Mexican wall (40/1), and the likelihood of self-elected-unofficial-and-totally-unwanted British ambassador to the US Nigel Farage being present for the meeting (7/1).

Asked about the meeting of minds between Trump and May spokesman Paddy Power said: “May will need to put a lot of oomph-a loompa into her pitch if she’s to appeal to Trump and convince him to let Britain into the chocolate factory that is America’s wealth.

“May could take a deferential approach and pitch herself as The Apprentice to Donald’s all-knowing emperor. Alternatively, she could offer him Downing Street cat Larry – that way letting him grab her by the pussy.”

Trump meets May Betting specials

1/3          Reported to have “full and frank discussions”
10/11     Either to say “Make Britain Great Again”
Evens      May and Trump photographed giving thumbs up
4/1          Trump to ask May to make Farage ambassador
6/1          Donald to be snapped looking at May’s rear
7/1          May to stay at Washington’s Trump International hotel during her visit
7/1          Nigel Farage to be in attendance
7/1          Trump to call May “my Maggie”
8/1          May to have a spray tan before the meeting
10/1        Both to wear tartan suits
10/1        Trump to open by asking May how many people attended her inauguration
20/1        May to announce afterwards that she backs Trump’s anti-NATO stance
25/1        UK to vote for a ‘USEXIT’ within five years to stop the influx of foreigners taking British jobs
25/1        Trump to shower May with gold
30/1        The pair to launch a new dual UK and US passport
40/1        May to pledge funding for the Mexican wall
50/1        The pair to arrange a follow-up meeting – at Moscow’s Ritz Carlton hotel
75/1        Theresa May to offer a British MP by way of a job-swap pilot

To wear bigger heels

1/10       May
11/2       Trump

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