Wrestling move generator: Here’s your chance to create your very own finisher

If you’re going to be a grappling superstar you’re going to need a signature move right!


Have you ever day dreamed about being a WWE superstar, holding that beautiful golden championship over your muscle-bound head?

Well to achieve that you are going to need a finisher that keeps your opponent shoulders to the mat for the count of three aren’t you?

Moves like The Stone Cold Stunner, The People’s Elbow, The Pedigree and The Tombstone are ironic, so we invented a finisher name generator for you to pick one of your very own!

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We’ve been avoiding HR emails all day after Nigel from accounts somehow ended up getting 3D’d through a table this morning.

The excitement of the Royal Rumble really has been getting to us, but we are still short our own unique finisher name!

When don’t know if the ‘Running Butt Crasher’ quite suits us though, but who knows what will catch on with the wrestling universe…

So give our generator a spin and let us know what you get! Remember if you end up using our move’s name in the main event of Wrestlemania you owe us 10%!

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