Smackdown Live review: Styles tells Cena he’s putting a foot in his a**

Elsewhere Randy Orton hit another RKO ‘outta nowhere’ and the Intercontinental title match broke down into anarchy


Those days to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view are being slowly ticked off the calendar grapple fans. Although the wait has seemed longer than The Undertaker’s walk to the ring!

It’s now just four days until the event and last night’s Smackdown Live was the final stop on the way to the Rumble, so things were always going to break down!

That’s it now from WWE’s main shows until they take over the Alamodome on Sunday, but let’s look back on last night’s events…

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Bray Wyatt chooses a Viper over his most loyal family member

Things have been a bit tense at the Wyatt compound of late and we don’t mean how tight the cornrows in Bray’s hair are!

New member Randy Orton seems to have slithered into the Wyatt leader’s affections and that has created jealousy with the longest serving member of the freaky faction Luke Harper.

In order to clear the air between the two (in typical WWE fashion) a match was in order and The Viper battled it out with Harper.

After a hard-hitting, back and forth encounter Orton hit the dreaded RKO ‘outta nowhere’ for the win. It looked like all was well in the creepy camp after the brawl, but Bray had another statement to make…

Is Cena going to finally adjust his attitude?

In case you’ve been living under a rock (not The Rock), you’ll know that 15-time WWE champion John Cena has been the work horse of the company for well over a decade now (not that he misses an opportunity to tell us).

This Sunday he takes on current champ AJ Styles in a ‘phenomenal’ battle for the title and the duo met in the ring last night to discuss their issues.

Styles wasted no time in telling Cena that he’s not just taking an inch at the Royal Rumble, “I’m taking a foot – and I’m putting it in your ass”, said the WWE World Heavyweight title holder.

Cena didn’t take kindly to that and belittled his opponent’s career up to this point, so much so that it’s got fans speculating on if we might see The Face That Runs The Place finally turn bad guy. We’re not holding our breath though…

Lumberjack match leaves SD Live locker room ready to Rumble

Nothing screams Royal Rumble more than a massive brawl to close the last show before the event and that’s exactly what we got to close the show this week.

Just when it look like Ambrose had the win sewn up, Baron Corbin got involved and all hell broke loose.

The Miz tried to take advantage but would get trapped in Dirty Deeds as Ambrose held on to his title as Smackdown Live faded to black.

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