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Watch: The 7 best eliminations in Royal Rumble history

Remember when both feet touch the floor you’re out of there…


This is not a drill people we are inside Royal Rumble week, as the event slams onto our screens on Sunday January 29th, but we really can’t wait till then.

Given that the first Royal Rumble took place in 1988 you can imagine that there’s been hundreds and hundreds of men eliminated from the 30-man extravaganza. However, every once in a while you see someone go out in a way that would even make Vince McMahon himself say wow!

Everyone knows once both your feet hit the ground on the outside you’re eliminated, but we’ve picked out seven of those moments that made us shout holy s**t at our TVs when they took place. Here’s who’ve picked…

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Paul London – 2005

Poor London was literally turned inside-out when he was dumped out of the 2005 Royal Rumble by Gene Snitsky, but remember it wasn’t his fault!

Triple H – 2010

Now COO of the entire company, Triple H just didn’t see it coming at the 2010 version of the Rumble when he ate Sweet Chin Music from his best friend Shawn Michaels and then suffered the bitter taste of elimination.

The Undertaker – 2002

After beating the holy hell out of the Hardy Boyz, the Deadman fell victim one of the most shocking eliminations in Rumble history when Tough Enough reality show winner Maven knocked him out in 2002. But, Maven sure did pay for it after…

Andre The Giant – 1989

The legendary big man was always terrified of Jake “The Snake” Roberts and his pet python Damien. So much so, that you can see him throw himself out of the 1989 Royal Rumble at 1.40 in the video in fear of the snake.

Too Cool – 2000

Madison Square Garden came unglued when this terrific trio stole the show with a dance, including the traditional worm, in 2000. However, never ever forget it’s everyman for himself in the Rumble!

Randy Orton – 2006

Rey Mysterio spent a whopping hour and two minutes in the 2006 Royal Rumble as he came down to the final two with Randy Orton. He withstood a vicious beat down from Triple to claim one of the most unlikely wins of all time.

Sabu – 2007

In 2007, ECW was well represented in the 30-man battle Royal and Sabu was never going to go out the easy way. Yep of course there was a table!

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