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Watch: 6 times the Royal Rumble really didn’t go to plan

Even for some of wrestling’s greatest names things don’t work out sometimes...


We’re getting there, the wait is now into single digits as it’s just eight days until the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 29th.

Here at Paddy Power we are so excited for the event that we’ve been smacking each other with our office chairs for weeks.

The 30-man Royal Rumble match is without a doubt a spectacle of epic proportions, but sometimes it doesn’t work out like Vince McMahon and Co would have hoped!

Here’s six times it all went to sh**te…

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Batista & John Cena – 2005

It looked like the most ingenious finish in the history of the Royal Rumble as both Batista and John Cena crashed to the floor at the same time as the final two, but confusion reigned (not Roman) as it was never meant to happen that way.

A genuinely enraged Vince McMahon rushed the ring to sort everything out, such was his haste to get in the squared circle however that the chairman tore both quadriceps muscles. Unable to stand,  Mr McMahon was forced to sit to shout instructions and had to be helped from the ring.

Batista would go on to win the restarted Rumble.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – 1996

Poor Steve Austin had just joined the WWE in 1996 and was supposed to come in to huge fanfare by making it all the way to the final four – helping Shawn Michaels win his second Rumble in a row along the way.

Unfortunately for the man known as The Ringmaster at the time, he’d accidently eliminate himself. Austin tells the story brilliant when asked and he says that the incident happened because his hands where greased up after battling with a particularly oily superstar.

Now there’s an occupational hazard! He did go on to win the event three times after, so that little mistake didn’t really cost The Rattlesnake.

The entire 2014 Royal Rumble

Oh where to begin with this! The Daniel Bryan ‘Yes Movement’ was in full force and the crowd at the Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania were not going to accept anything less than a victory for him.

He did appear earlier in the show losing to Bray Wyatt, but when Rey Mysterio came out at number 30 and the fans realised there’d be no Daniel Bryan they turned on the normally popular grappler and the entire Rumble match itself – booing it to high heaven.

Batista’s huge comeback was also spoiled, but Bryan eventually did win the title at Wrestlemania. So all’s well that end’s well…

Alex Riley – 2011

Similar to Stone Cold above, A-Ri was supposed to play a major part in the 2011 Rumble with John Cena, but was accidently knocked off the ring apron.

After he gets bump you can actually see Cena try to grab onto him and bring him back in at around 5.52 in the video below.

The Miz and Riley did come back later in the Rumble to throw Cena out, but it was never meant to go down that way.

Taka Michinoku’s elimination – 2000

Not much you can say about this one, other than ouch. As part of the Kai En Tai tag team with fellow Japanese star Funaki, Taka repeatedly tried to enter the 2000 Rumble only to be tossed out again and again.

The final time Michinoku would go out saw him take a horrible spill, where he suffered a concussion and a separated shoulder. Watch it through your fingers below, we did warn you!

Daniel Bryan’s early elimination – 2015

After the shambles that took place the year before you’d think the WWE would have learned their lesson, but nope!

Entering at number 10 the feeling was that if Daniel Bryan was eliminated early the fans would get over it by the end, that wasn’t the case and like the year before they took over proceedings heckling the Rumble to death.

Not even The Rock could save this one!

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