‘Suck it the F up’, Randy Orton responds after fan ‘altercation’ at the gym

The master of the RKO was not one bit happy with a snap happy fan


While his on-screen character is known to have a short fuse and despite a wild past, Randy Orton is a bit more mellow as a family man these days.

That is, of course, unless you misbehave in the gym with him and it seems a fan got more than he bargained for after snapping a photo of the wrestling superstar without his permission on Monday.

A report of the alleged row with the fan has appeared on wrestling news websites all week and The Viper took to Twitter last night to give his side of the story calling the fan a “b**ch”.

With the lead up to the Royal Rumble well under way, the fan was lucky he didn’t receive an RKO ‘Outta Nowhere’!


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The story goes that as Orton was in the middle of training at a gym in Jonesboro, Arkansas when a fan apparently asked the wrestler for a picture.

As Randy was in the middle of his workout, he offered the fan a fist pump and pointed to his ear phones to tell the fan he couldn’t hear him.

The fan supposedly walked away but then proceeded to take pictures of Orton without the former 12-time WWE champion permission. This allegedly caused Orton to row with the fan over the act.

After days of internet chatter over the incident the master of the RKO responded to the rumours on his Twitter account last night.

To be fair to Orton, fans do tend to hassle wrestlers at the most inappropriate times and he did say he’s cool to take pictures after he’s done in the gym.

But, with the Royal Rumble right around the corner it does look like The Viper is fully coiled and ready to strike thought!

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