Smackdown Live Review: Could our Becky ‘steel’ the title in a cage?

Elsewhere the Wyatt Family is on the verge of collapse and Cena adjusted a few attitudes


It’s getting closer you know, as it’s now just 11 days until the 30-man extravaganza that is the Royal Rumble, and things are really heating up in the wrestling world.

Our traders are having more trouble picking a winner than Vince McMahon had dealing with a certain upstart known as Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Hopefully our wait for the Royal Rumble pay-per-view on January 29 won’t be as long as it takes for The Undertaker to get to the ring, but we still have a few stops on the way there.

The latest event we have to wrestle with was a massive Smackdown Live, which came from the surrounds of the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee last night. Here’s what went down…

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Cena’s hustles both AJ Styles and The Miz

As you saw above, the show kicked off with everyone’s favourite McMahon in the squared-circle as Smackdown Live Commissioner Shane announced that the winner of the WWE World Heavyweight title bout at the Royal Rumble will defend his crown inside the demonic Elimination Chamber match just two weeks later.

The champ AJ Styles wasn’t one bit happy with this and confronted Shane-O-Mac in the ring. It wasn’t long before John Cena and then The Miz got involved leading to a showdown pitting The A-Lister against Styles.

It says a lot about WWE in 2017 that a match between Styles and The Miz would be considered an absolutely ‘must-see’, but it delivered in spades. That’s was until Cena decided to get involved, of course.

The Champ that runs the Camp tried in vain to throw The Miz into Cena, but he shrugged it off to stand tall at the end. Hitting the Attitude Adjustment on both Styles and Miz for good measure.

A caged Becky gets the ‘Mick-ie’ taken out of her

We’ve never made a secret out of the fact that Becky Lynch is our favourite WWE superstar at Paddy Power these days.

The Irishwoman had some Lass to kick last night, as she made history by competing in the first ever steel cage match for the Smackdown Women’s championship versus the titleholder Alexa Bliss.

Becky put on an A+ showing, fearlessly climbing the cage and slapping on the Disarmer on Bliss when the mysterious La Luchadora would interfere by kicking Lynch’s face off and costing her the match.

After the three count the Lasskicker bravely battled back from a beat down to unmask her attacker as legendary former Women’s champion Mickie James, before falling victim to the numbers game.

Poor Lynch was deeply distressed after being robbed of the title yet again and launched into a passionate tirade on Bliss and James after the show. Don’t be upset Becky we still love you!

Has the Viper poisoned the Wyatt Family?

Somehow earlier in the show Dean Ambrose remembered he was attacked by The Wyatt Family, after ignoring the fact for a number of weeks.

This led to a match between him and Randy Orton later that caused further tension to break out within the Bray Wyatt-led faction.

Orton and Luke Harper have had their issues of late and they came to a head after this match when Harper stopped the Viper slithering to victory. Their disagreement in the ring caused Bray to hit out at Luke and the fallout saw Harper walk away from his ‘family’.

Towards the end of Smackdown Live Bray announced in his usual spooky address that Orton and Harper will face each other next week to sort everything out – oh and did we mention that all The Wyatt Family are in the Royal Rumble match as well?

What do you think?