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Watch: Michael Cole reveals gorgeous new WWE UK Championship

This is a title we can get on board with as wrestling geeks


Yesterday the set of Blue Peter, of all places, found its way into the annals of wrestling history as the new WWE UK Championship was unveiled to the world.

A 16-man tournament will take place over the coming weekend in the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool to crown WWE’s newest champion and it will be featured live on the WWE Network, starting at 8pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

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The event features wrestlers from England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the man we’re rooting for Ireland’s own Jordan Devlin.

The brackets have already been draw up and a superstar is going to need to win four matches to take home the championship.

Yesterday, WWE’s lead announcer Michael Cole and the tournament’s colour-commentator Nigel McGuinness visited the set of Blue Peter accompanied by something very special with them.

After getting the usual pleasantries, like Blue Peter badges, out of the way – Cole and McGuinness finally showed off the new WWE UK title and it as beautiful as watching your horse clear the last to romp home.

Here’s a bonus showing of the belt, just to whet the appetite for this weekend.

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