WWE Smackdown Live review: John Cena’s finally back adjusting attitudes

There was also big news for our own Becky Lynch and The Miz got his face slapped off by his own wife


If you haven’t been tuning in to WWE, you may not know that Smackdown Live has been delivering some Stone Cold stunners of late.

The blue side has not only stuck it to Raw in the US ratings – it’s just been a better, faster paced show all-round (being two hours as opposed to three does help in that regard).

We promised you an Andre the Giant-sized amount of wrestling content in the lead up to the Royal Rumble and we haven’t disappointed so far. So let’s pin down the main news from last night episode of Smackdown Live.

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Ambrose tricks Maryse into Dirty Deeds on her husband

While Chris Jericho is surprisingly killing it on Raw, Smackdown shock star award has to go to the Miz of all people (ably complemented by his lovely wife Maryse of course).

If he’s not mimicking Daniel Bryan, he’s accusing interviewer Renee Young of “sleeping” with Dean Ambrose, and add into that Miz has led a single-handed revival of the Intercontinental Championship. Who’d have thought he’d actually become “The Most Must-See WWE Superstar” after foolishly proclaiming it for years.

Last week he lost the Intercontinental title to Ambrose in Smackdown’s main event, so last night The Lunatic Fringe invited Miz and Maryse on to his talk show The Ambrose Asylum to exchange verbal barbs.

As it always does in WWE, it wasn’t long before it all broke down. Miz would beat Ambrose down and offer a slap to his wife. However things didn’t go to plan for Maryse, and her husband ended up flat on his face.

The Cenation is no place for a Lone Wolf

We’ve got to the Wes Mantooth from Anchorman stage with John Cena if we’re being honest. We pure, straight hate him – but God damn it do we respect him.

Yesterday for example, he flew to New York in the morning to be on the Today show and then took a four-hour plane ride back to Baton Rouge, Louisiana just to be in Smackdown Live’s main event.

With another epic showdown and potentially history making battle against WWE World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles ahead at the Royal Rumble, Cena first had to deal with Baron Corbin with Styles watching from the commentary position.

The Lone Wolf had attacked the leader of the Cenation last week, but Cena would turn the tide last night hitting the Attitude Adjustment (we miss it being call The FU) for the win.

Becky’s ready to kiss some lass inside of a steel cage

Watching Smackdown give us an excuse to check in on our favourite Irish superstar Becky Lynch every week.

Unfortunately, Becky is not the Women’s champ these days having dropped the title to the tiny Alexa Bliss at the TLC pay-per-view. However, she will have another opportunity to turn the … well you know, against Bliss next week it seems.

After showing Smackdown General Manager Daniel Bryan footage of her making a disguised Bliss tap out last week, Lynch will take on Bliss for the first time ever inside a steel cage – oh, and did we mention the title is on the line too?


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