Watch: Roman Reigns cracks up in a headlock after Kevin Owens exchange with fan

‘The Big Dog turned’ into a giggling puppy in the ring


If you’re a fan of WWE you’ll know that sometimes the action at live events can get a little silly, thanks to the more relaxed atmosphere at them.

The wrestlers are not worried about timing cues for live TV and generally speaking tend to interact more with the fans at the show.

WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens is never shy about telling the fans what he thinks of them and got into a brilliant exchange of views with a fan during Raw’s house show in Brooklyn, New York on Wednesday night.

Owens had WWE United States champion Roman Reigns down in a headlock at the time and told the fan he “made more money this week than you’ll make all year”.

“I got 35k just in royalties,” continued Owens.

At this point Roman, supposedly in agony suffering the headlock, couldn’t control himself and cracked up laughing. You can even see him cover his face while chuckling in a video posted by fan Jessica Berkowitz on Twitter. Can see video of the incident below:

Grapple with some early Royal Rumble odds on

Owens and Reigns square off at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view for the Universal title and they weren’t done there it seems.

After seeing the video online Reigns claimed he was laughing at the small size of the royalty check Owens had received.

As always on Twitter Owens had the last laugh…

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