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Feeling overweight after too much turkey? Don’t worry – this guy just became the heaviest player to throw a touchdown pass in the NFL

Take a bow Dontari Poe. You're our new Christmas hero. Watch as Poe throws a beautiful touchdown pass and goes into the record books!


Take a bow Dontari Poe! The defensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs became the heaviest player ever to throw an NFL touchdown pass as Kansas City beat Denvor Broncos 33-10 on Christmas Day.

Poe is 6foot 3inches tall and weighs in at a scale-busting 346lb (that’s 24-and-a-half stone!)

There we were sat on our couch after eating our own weight in turkey, loosening our belts and feeling down on ourselves for looking a little podgy around the edges. But now we don’t feel so bad. Now we feel like we too can take over the world. Maybe one day we’ll even throw the touchdown pass that wins the SuperBowl. Thank you Dontari Poe.

You Beauty!

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