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Watch: Darts player brought to tears after amazing Ally Pally comeback

Meryvn King was staring the exit door in the face, but kicked it firmly shut in the end


The World Darts Championship is the gift that keeps on giving it seems, and yesterday was no different at the Alexander Palace, London.

We may still only be in the first round, but the tournament has already witnessed some fantastic matches and last night we got a comeback from the dead that Lazarus would be proud of.

World number 22 Mervyn King took on Steve West (ranked 45) and quickly found himself two sets to nil down in the race to three.

West then left himself with a double 18 for the match, with King sitting back on 136 to survive. King was up to the challenge and battered in a huge three-dart finish to keep himself in with a shout.

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King would eventually take the third set and got on to win the match 3-2, completing his revival by claiming the fifth set in extra innings six legs to four.

After beating one of his closest friends on the big stage King, who plays Michael Smith in Round 2, couldn’t hold back the tears and told PDC.tv he’d “no words” to describe his win.

“I haven’t got words for this, I played one of my best mates and I feel really sorry for Steve,” said King.

“I’ve played some fantastic games and won a lot of things over the years but getting through the first round here is special. I’m going to play a lot better against Michael so he better watch out.”

Check out the video King’s tears here:

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