Get ready to Jet off with this 6/1 NFL treble

It’s squeaky bum now for play-offs hopes as week 14 rolls around


Hold on, hold on, hold on. No Rob Gronkowski?

The Patriots may not win the Super Bowl. I repeat – the Patriots may not win the Super Bowl!

If you grew up seeing your team being beaten year after year in the AFC Divisional and Conference rounds of the playoffs, then that’s reason enough to celebrate.

I better make some money to fund the aforementioned celebrations.

Right down to our 6/1 treble selection.

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New York Jets (+2.5) @ San Francisco

‘Andrew, did you not see the Jets? They gave up 41 points to a concussed Andrew Luck and only scored 10 against one of the worst defences in the league.’

Yes, yes – I know. Here’s the thing though – have YOU seen the 49ers?

I wouldn’t be pushing the Jets against a team completely comprised of my toddler nieces and nephews, but this Chip Kelly team is so lacking in the talent department that it hurts.

It’s really tough when you lose a Hall of Fame standard linebacker in Patrick Willis. It’s exceptionally tough when you then lose a rookie in Chris Borland that sets all sorts of records.

Then Aldon Smith goes off and gets arrested for a fifth time before Pro Bowl tackle Anthony Davis plays the Niners – making them believe they don’t need to draft a right tackle. Colin Kaepernick threw for five yards last week. Blaine Gabbert threw for almost forty though.

You see where I’m going with this… Get on the Jets handicap at .

Houston Texans (+5.5) @ Indianapolis Colts

‘Andrew, did you not see the Colts put up 41 points last week against the Jets, while only conceding 10, so their defence must be improving?’. Yes, okay.

One thing we’ve learned about teams this year is that, bar one or two, they’re inconsistent. All the arguments I made for the Jets will ring true here and that’s why giving any team nearly a touchdown against Indianapolis is asking for trouble.

Brock Osweiler’s not a great quarterback. That much is certain, but there’s one thing that people aren’t noting: he’s running a Bill O’Brien offense.

The former Penn State coach’s offenses are exceptionally complicated. The team would probably refer to it as ‘situational’ or ‘reactionary’, but it basically puts the decisions in the hands of the players in terms of what routes they want to run.

You won’t see many other teams throw as many balls to nobody as the Texans do because the players aren’t on the same page. They’re improving, he’s learning and the Texans are getting better.

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Seattle Seahawks (win) @ Green Bay Packers

Fear the weather in Lambeau. In saying that, there’s no way that Green Bay aren’t on the list of candidates for the biggest disappointment.

Rodgers has no excuse, he welcomed back Jordy Nelson and has actually developed a real tight end connection for once.

Now, this may be a bit of a cop-out, but the moneyline is slightly bigger this week because of the absence of Earl Thomas. The best safety in the game is out for the remainder of the season and Aaron Rodgers will have an extra incentive to go deep once or twice.

While all this is true, the Seahawks are just a better team and very rarely throw the ball in the air long enough for the conditions to affect it. Graham takes any one-on-one jump balls, while Baldwin takes deep seams that can be drilled.

They’re set up to win in these conditions now at .

What do you think?