WWE Raw Review: Sasha Banks takes the title in Flair Country

We also got a parking lot brawl and a message from the lair of The Beast


It’s back, and we’re refreshed from last week’s marathon of four reviews in seven days to bring you this edition of the Raw review.

Being honest as much as we enjoyed the feast of wrestling that it brought, it was nice to build the hunger back up for Raw this week.

Raw came from the heart of ‘Flair Country’ as the WWE’s flagship show emanated from the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. The hometown of both WWE Raw Women’s champion Charlotte (yes, she’s named after the city) and two-time Hall of Famer, the legendry Ric Flair.


Now that’s off our chest, let’s grapple with Monday’s events.

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Sasha Banks takes the crown in the Queen City

Ok, little gripe here before we start. As much as we love Sasha Banks (and we LOVE Sasha) this title is changing hands more often than Jose Mourniho gets fined!

In just over the five months since this version of the brand extension, the championship has been swapped between Charlotte and Sasha FIVE times – just pick one Vince! Anyway, earlier in the show Sasha’s title rematch with Charlotte ended in chaos and a double count out.

General Manager Mick Foley wasn’t going to leave it finish that way, ordering a Falls Count Anywhere Match later in the night to resolve the issue and it was PHYSICAL!

You can’t have any complaints about these two performers and the match had everything – including a kendo stick, a moonsault from the stupidly placed announce table and a scrap in the crowd.

Sasha took the title for a third time with a Bank Statement applied through a hand rail and got to celebrate with Charlotte’s dad The Nature Boy for good measure. Now please keep it on her for a while!

Brock’s ready to Rumble Goldberg

Goldberg shocked the wrestling universe (Vince said we have to use that word) by destroying the seemingly unbeatable Brock Lesnar in a minute and 26 seconds at Survivor Series.

The former WCW champion certainly provided the best wrestling moment in the last few years and then he announced he’d be in the Royal Rumble, but how did The Beast feel about being finally slayed?

We found out last night as his advocate Paul Heyman sat down with Michael Cole to discuss the fallout.

Heyman explained that Goldberg had cracked Brock’s ribs with the first of his two spears at Survivor Series, leaving him unable to defend himself from the onslaught.

It’s got to be said Heyman is great here as always, but he left on the bombshell that if Goldberg is in the Royal Rumble then so is Brock LESNARRRRRR!

Is it the end of Team Chris and Kevin?

It’s been teased for a while, but it looks like we may finally be seeing the end of WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho as best friends.

Raw opened with Y2J inviting Owens onto The Highlight Reel to bash Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns (boo) – it’s worth watching alone for the Mask of Jericho quip. Of course, The Big Dog showed up to confront them, causing KO to lose his temper at Y2J’s attempt to put Roman on the fabled List of Jericho.

Later Y2J told Owens that he’d had enough of him and made to leave the arena. Things went from bad to worse for Jericho as his limo driver accidentally knocked the list from his grasp.

Just as Jericho picked up his list he was confronted by an enraged Seth Rollins and who beat Y2J from pillar-to-post in the parking lot. Ending the beat down beautifully with a Pedigree on the roof of a car.

Owens would later lose out to Reigns, setting up a title bout between those two at Roadblock.

Bonus Round

It’s fair to say this week’s Raw was pretty great and we decided to leave you with a little treat.

Having been at each other throats for months it looks like Sheamus and Cesaro are finally a unit, thanks to of all things an Irish pub brawl!

What do you think?