Landing this 8/1 NFL treble could have you leaping like Dolphins

The play-offs are in sight as week 12 rolls around in the National Football League


There’s nothing more divisive than the NFL’s play-off run-in.

Some fans are pulsating at the thought of high-reward football games, while others are counting the days until the NFL Draft already.

No matter which category you fall into, there’s always time to make a few quid along the way.

All the best NFL odds are on

San Francisco @ Miami (-7.5)

I’ll tell you what’s difficult – travelling to the east coast to play an early game on a Sunday from the Pacific time zone.

I’ll tell you what’s more difficult – getting linebackers in gaps to stop Jay Ajayi. Now I’ll tell you what’s most difficult – being the San Francisco 49ers!  Nobody saw this Miami run of wins coming. Adam Gase is a genuine ‘Coach of the Year’ contender because this Dolphins unit doesn’t scream talent at you.

What it does have is functionality, and they’ve maximised this through roster depth and pounding the football. Yes, Sky will talk up Ajayi until the cows come home because he’s got British links, but behind all the hype – the boy can play.

Laremy Tunsil falling to their spot in the 2016 NFL Draft may have been a blessing they didn’t expect, but he’s playing lights out football and it’s all coming together in Florida for the Fins. I could write a short book about the 49ers, however you’ll be reading the same chapter most weeks when I back against them constantly.

There’s a lot of poor football teams, so when you’re the worst of the bunch – you’re awful. Miami on the spread at .

New England Patriots (-7.0) @ New York Jets

Revis Island is flooded, the Amish Rifle is jamming and can someone please tell me why on earth this spread is less than eight points at ?

At time of writing, Tom Brady is considered fine to play, while Rob Gronkowski is day to day. You could play me at tight end and we’d still outscore this Jets team. This New England defense isn’t that talented, but it’s so well-coached.

They should limit the Jets to less than twenty points. Brady has only scored less than 27 points on one occasion since returning – against the Seahawks.

This should be an open and closed case. Even with Fitzpatrick back instead of Petty, the organisation simply don’t want him, and when your leader has no backing, he really won’t be at his best.

Divisional game or no divisional game, I expect a massacre.

Kansas City (+3) @ Denver

Once you get over the altitude, you just have to get over that defense. But once you get over that, all you have to do is cover Sanders and Thomas.

Once you get over the… you know where I’m going with this.

The thing is the AFC West’s best team are the Kansas City Chiefs and despite it being the best division in football, the Missouri boys are little more than functional on offense. How does this work?

Amazing play-calling, you can’t go through a standard play book and beat the Broncos. You have to add adjustments, and there’s no team better suited to that than the Chiefs.

Tony Romo may want to play with the Broncos next year, but right now – they’re stuck with Trev. He’s basically the same standard as broken Peyton Manning – he makes the throws he should make, that are left open for him due to good play design and/or top grade receivers.

They do struggle on the ground though, and KC rush the passer as well as anyone in the league. In what should be a low-scoring affair, back the Chiefs to keep it tight in Mile High at .

What do you think?