WWE Survivor Series 2016: Get ready for the main event by counting down our favourite three moments from the last 30 years

Survivor Series returns this Sunday from Toronto, Canada, and to celebrate we've counted down our favourite three moments from one of the feature WWE PPVs


The fourth WWE ‘major’ of the year is here. We’ve had the trials and tribulations of the Royal Rumble, the Grand-daddy of them all Wrestlemania, and of course a smashing Summerslam spectacle. So it’s now time as we face the turn of the year, to focus all of our attention on Survivor Series.

This year’s event threatens to be a slobber-knocker with a return of three classic elimination matches, pitting the stars from Smackdown Live against the Monday Night Raw roster. That means we get to see AJ Styles go head-to-head with Kevin Owens. We get Bray Wyatt taking on the man he brought to the dance, Braun Strowman. We get an appearance from Shane O’Mac, an exhibition from the Women’s Revolution and more. If that’s not enough we get ‘Fantasy WWE Warfare’ as for the first time in 12 years Brock Lesnar goes up against the legend that is Goldberg.

If that hasn’t got the youngster with the foam finger and the Ultimate Warrior poster that’s buried deep inside you, giddy with excitement then nothing will.

To fully get ourselves up for the main event, here are our top three Survivor Series moments.

Survivor Series 2001

The year’s main storyline revolved around the ‘Invasion’ angle as WCW and ECW teamed up under the guidance of Shane McMahon and Stephanie McMahon to take on the WWE behemoth controlled by their father Vince. The culmination of the story was a ‘Winner Takes All’ classic elimination match at Survivor Series featuring a WWE team of The Rock, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane and The Big Show. Facing them would be Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, Booker T and the two biggest defectors, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. The match was played out brilliantly with The Rock and Y2J continually struggling to get along, while in the build-up to the match there where rumours that Austin was actually WWE’s mole in the camp.

The final two on the night was Austin and the Rock, and after hitting The Rock with a Stunner the three count was there for the taking but without a referee in sight. Angle appeared, but showed his true colours by nailing The Rattlesnake between the eyes with the title before The People’s Champion hit the Rock Bottom. WWE picked up the win and overall control.

Survivor Series 1990

Incredibly 26 years ago saw the debut of none other than The Undertaker. The four-time WWF Champion, Royal Rumble winner, and the man who previously held the greatest sporting streak of all time looked very different as he made his way to the ring in Hartford, Connecticut.  He was the mystery partner for Ted DiBiase’s Millian Dollar Team and within 60 seconds of entering the ring, he’d nailed Koko B Ware with the Tombstone Piledriver.

Taker eliminated Koko and Dusty Rhodes that night, before being eliminated himself after being counted out, but the Millian Dollar Team still picked up the win giving The Deadman his first Survivor Series success. Taker has gone on to win 12 of his 17 Survivor Series matches and is renowned as the greatest wrestler of all time.

Survivor Series 1997

We all know the story. Bret Hart was the WWF Champion going into Survivor Series in his hometown of Montreal in Canada. Before the event Hart had signed a contract with rivals WCW and was going to leave the company, but the boss Vince McMahon didn’t want Hart leaving as the champ. The Hitman refused to be beaten by Shawn Micheals in Canada, so it was agreed that the match would end in a disqualification and Hart would forfeit the title at a later date.

However, of course that wasn’t how it went down. Behind Hart’s back it transpired that HBK would win the title that night, but details of who were involved in the ‘Montreal Screwjob’ are still cloudy. During the match Micheals locked in the Sharpshooter – Hart’s own submission move – on the champion, and under direct instruction from McMahon, referee Earl Hebner called for the bell and declared HBK the winner. It’s arguably the most talked about match in sports entertainment and the greatest on-screen betrayal of one of WWE’s greatest stars.

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