Smackdown 900 review: Undertaker is back “taking souls and digging holes”

There’s nothing like the return of the Deadman


Usually we only get to feed you wrestling news on a Tuesday and that’s-that, but this week we get to deliver you three reviews in six days – what a time to be alive!

Yesterday you got an Andre the Giant-sized Raw review and with last night being the 900th episode of Smackdown Live we decided to give you the gift of Jeri… (sorry force of habit), we’re actually going to look back at last night’s highlights as well.

With Survivor Series slamming onto our screens on Sunday, of course, we’ll wrap up that into a pretty pre-Christmas bow for you too.

Enough of our opening lock-up, lets grapple with last night’s action.

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Intercontinental head-scratcher

Sometimes things that happen in the WWE landscape that’s make little sense to the viewers, last night’s Smackdown Live contained one of those moments.

Dolph Ziggler put his entire career on the line at No Mercy to beat the Miz for the coveted Intercontinental Championship, he then challenged Raw’s Sami Zayn to an interpromotional battle at Survivor Series just five days from now.

This would lead you to believe his championship rematch with the Miz would be a fairly routine affair, surely he was due a long run with the title right?

Well nope, that’s not it the plans it seems as Miz picked off his sixth Intercontinental title win thanks to outside interference from the Spirit Squad (we know, we know) and his wife Maryse. The question is, where the hell does Dolph go from here?

King Booker holds court for old times’ sake

With Smackdown Live celebrating such a milestone there was always going to be some nostalgic moments with the show’s former royalty.

In Smackdown terms you don’t get more regal than King Booker, who ruled the kingdom on the blue side of wrestling for over a year during the last decade.

He was back to deliver a motivational message to Smackdown Live’s tag teams ahead of the 10-on-10 battle (we won’t name them all) with Team Raw at Survivor Series. We won’t ruin anything else from the skit for you, but the King did pull out a few classic lines … sucka!

Taker still has ‘The Cutting Edge’

When you think about the original WWE brand split, the two most synonymous names in Smackdown Live’s history must be Edge and the Undertaker.

The ‘Rated R Superstar’ reappeared (seemingly from a cave somewhere) to host an edition of his talk show ‘The Cutting Edge’ with Smackdown Live’s Survivor Series team of WWE World Heavyweight champion AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt and Commissioner Shane McMahon.

Here’s what he had to say:

Finally and most importantly, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived as the Deadman returned on WWE TV.

After a brief stint entertaining the Cleveland Cavaliers, Taker had an a stark message for the Universe saying that Wrestlemania will no longer define his career and delightfully added he’s “back taking souls and digging holes”.

He ended by turning his attention to the Smackdown Live Survivor Series team and we know where our money is come Sunday after this:

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