A Cowboys win can help rope in this 5/1 NFL treble

As we head towards the business end of the season, our tipster has dissected Week 9 for you



As Bon Jovi once famously said, ‘we’re halfway there’ (and there’s a lot of awful, awful teams).

I read an article recently entitled ‘Why your favourite NFL team are useless’ and it wasn’t exactly off the mark.

The quality this year has been as bad as I can remember, but it’s made for slightly more exciting games at the same time. I’d also like to congratulate Carolina on winning a game, it’s been a while, gentlemen.

I won’t delay you any longer with my pop culture references and sarcasm, let’s get down to the money and our 4/1 treble…

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Dallas Cowboys win @ Cleveland Browns

I’ve long been adamant that a good defence and a really good offensive line can win you a Super Bowl, even if you’ve a poor quarterback.

It now appears that Dallas have two very good quarterbacks, a functional if slightly beaten up defence and the best offensive line I’ve ever seen. Honestly, I know that the big guys up front aren’t the most glamorous athletes to look at, but I urge you to go and watch Tyron Smith destroy edge rushers every week.

It’s frightening – he may be the most valuable player in football right now.

‘Zeke is every bit as good as people thought he would be. Then again, I think I could run for one hundred yards behind Tyron Smith. Because of averages, I expect Cleveland to win a game at some point, so I was tempted to back them on the spread to make this one close, but I just can’t.

Take the short price as a lock to bump up your price here. Dallas will win, Cleveland will lose and Dak will get all the headlines for yet another week.

Detroit Lions (+5.5) @ Minnesota Vikings

Divisional games are always closer than they should be. Even without the divisional tag, I don’t think the Vikes are good enough to beat a rejuvenated Detroit team by more than five points.

The loss of Calvin Johnson has made Matt Stafford actually focus on the plays developing in front of him.

Until this year, Megatron was the go-to ball, even in triple coverage sometimes – because he was expected to make a play. With this new focus, the Lions genuinely look like playoff contenders and could easily cause an upset in Minnesota.

The loss of key offensive linemen for the Vikings embarrassed them last week against one of the worst teams in the league, and while Chicago’s pass rushers will be the strongest point of their roster for years to come, that doesn’t undermine the importance of Matt Kalil at left tackle.

I’m happy taking Detroit with five and a half points in hand here.

Denver Broncos win @ Oakland Raiders

Denver should be favourites here, so I don’t understand the scratch spread at present.

Oakland’s defence ought to be borderline elite given the personnel, but they’re winning games by tight margins and it’s down the solid growth of Derek Carr as a franchise quarterback.

These tight margin victories do come to an end eventually, and you lose to really good teams by big margins. I’d back Denver minus some points here if I could, but I’m happy with even money about a straight win in California.

Trevor Siemian isn’t lighting it up, but he’s every bit as functional as Peyton Manning was in the Super Bowl and a bit more. It pains me to say it but Denver are contenders again this year, even though they’re never going to be involved in big scoring games.

  • This week’s treble: Dallas Cowboys , Detroit Lions (+5.5) and Denver Broncos – which comes in at over 5/1.

What do you think?