WWE Raw review: Goldberg returns to spear Paul Heyman out of his suit

Of course there was also a Halloween-themed street fight


Back by popular demand, we are giving our readers a lookback at the events of last night’s explosive episodes of Monday Night Raw.

We love wrestling at Paddy Power and continue to watch despite the bollacking we got from our fathers for slapping the Walls of Jericho on our little brothers.

After Sunday’s historic Hell in Cell pay-per-view Raw’s opening segment was always going to be good, but this week’s was golden.

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Goldberg sends ‘beastly’ message to Brock Lesnar

Former WCW champion Bill Goldberg delighted WWE fans a couple of weeks ago by announcing his return for one more match with Brock Lesnar at the upcoming Survivor Series event.

After 12 years away from the business, Goldberg defiantly told Lesnar not only was he “next”, but he was also the “last” opponent the 49-year-old would face in the squared-circle.

Goldberg’s only previous meeting with the ‘Beast Incarnate’ at Wrestlemania 20 was more disappointing then the ending to Lost, so this bout hasn’t a lot to live up to. However, he kicked off Raw looking to deliver a message to Lesnar, but found himself confronted by Lesnar’s uber-popular advocate Paul Heyman.

Heyman, who has more control over a WWE crowd than Donald Trump has over his crazy supporters at a campaign rally, then teased Goldberg with an appearance by Lesnar.

It’s never a good idea to provoke the man with the longest winning streak in WCW history and as Goldberg stalked Heyman, surprisingly Rusev – who’s from the wrestling hotbed of Bulgaria – got involved.

He didn’t get far however, and suffered a slightly shaky ‘Jackhammer’ as a result. Goldberg wasn’t finished there and proceeded to spear the sh**e out of Heyman for good measure!

Oh, Lesnar won’t like that! Heyman was later taken to the trusty ‘local medical facility’ as a result of the spear and we await to see how the ‘Beast’ will respond.

Rollins and Reigns tease mini-Shield reunion

Having been part one of the most dominant factions in WWE history known as ‘The Shield’, last night’s Raw has made it look like Seth Rollins and US champion Roman Reigns might finally bury the hatchet.

After being at each other’s throats for years since Rollins broke up the group with a steel chair (what else would he use!), it looks like he and Reigns could be back on the same page thanks to a set of common enemies in the form of the utterly magical Chris Jericho and WWE Universal champion Kevin Owens (who looks like big Keith from the pub).

* Side note, Chris Jericho is possible the best thing going in WWE at the moment. Just search the ‘List of Jericho’ on YouTube, it’s worth it we promise!

After missing out on being on Jericho’s list earlier in the night, Y2J took on Reigns (who’s about as liked by WWE fans as Gary Neville is in Liverpool) for the US title in the main event.

As predicted Owens would get involved causing a DQ just as it looked like Reigns had the win.

This prompted an old school beat down of the US champ, which included a gorgeous ‘Pop-up Codebreaker’, forcing Rollins to make the save and Raw to go off the air with a very awkward (but manly) stare down between the former Shield brothers.

A ‘tricky’ street fight

The final notable incident on our list played off the fact it was Halloween last night. This meant, of course, in WWEland a gimmick match was in order.

So, Enzo Amore dressed as Buzz Lightyear (why the hell wouldn’t he be) took on Luke Gallows in a beautifully named ‘Trick or Street Fight’.

Gallows and his partner Karl Anderson had beaten the team of Amore and Big Cass at Hell in the Cell and Amore managed to exact revenge for that loss by defeating Gallows with an assist from a gigantic pumpkin.

Only in the WWE eh? Check out the action below:

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