WWE Hell in a Cell 2016 betting: We pick our top three HIAC matches ever ahead of Sunday’s extravaganza

Brace yourself for punishment inside the most demonic steel structure in sports entertainment, as we go through our top three Hell in a Cell matches


WWE’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view comes live to our television screens on Sunday night from Boston, Massachusetts and we are giddy geese at the thought of not one, but three Hell in a Cell bouts. History will be made on Sunday with Sasha Banks and Charlotte going head-to-head inside the steel in the main event for the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. We also get treated to a bout between WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens and challenger Seth Rollins in a match inside the cell which could steal the show, while we’re significantly less excited about the prospect of Roman Reigns and Rusev going at it for the United States Championship.

While some would say that wrestling is fake and you need to ‘grow up’ (yeah, thanks mum), we here at Paddy Power embrace your secret love of WWE and celebrate the greatness of looking back on old matches with rose-tinted glasses. With Hell in a Cell just around the corner we’ve picked our three favourite bouts from time gone by for your enjoyment. Plus, our lovely trading team have also priced up all the odds for Sunday’s matches meaning you could make a few bob and finish the weekend in style.

Shawn Michaels v Triple H – Bad Blood 2004

The Game and HBK were best buddies in the Attitude Era as the leading duo of D-Generation X, however the relationship between the former pals broke down quicker than a Kerry Katona marriage. One classic match between the former friends turned bitter rivals, was at Bad Blood in 2004 inside a brutal and bloody Hell in a Cell. Shawn Michaels’ back was in a heap and Triple H went to town on it early. Both men got busted wide open, and we were treated to a flying elbow drop from the Heartbreak Kid sending Triple H through a table. It wasn’t enough however and after kicking out of Sweet Chin Music – The Game planted Michaels with two Pedigrees to pick up the win and end this bruising contest.

The Undertaker v Mankind – King of the Ring 1998

Arguably the match that changed all Hell in a Cell contests forever. The match begun on top of the cell and was only a matter of minutes long when The Undertaker sent Mankind from the top of the cell and through the announce table. Incredibly Foley got up off the stretcher and made for the top of the cell again – only to be planted through the roof of the cell and into the ring courtesy of a monster Chokeslam. While most mere mortals with teeth sticking out of their nose would decide enough is enough, Mankind fought on – even dishing out a fierce Piledriver onto a chair. However a Chokeslam onto a pile of thumbtacks, followed by a Tombstone sealed the win for Taker.

Mick Foley v Triple H – No Way Out 2000

Mick Foley put his career on the line (bar his man, many comebacks since) at No Way Out in 2000, and he brought the Cactus Jack character into a hellacious bout with Triple H. Early on we got some classic old school Foley as he was sent arse over head on top of the steel steps, and then brought a little ECW to the arena with a flying chair/elbow drop off the top rope to Triple H as he lay prone inside the cell. A strong irish whip sent The game through the cage and that opened up a world of opportunities – including a thunderous Piledriver on an unbreakable announce table. Both men headed for the sky – bringing a burning 2×4 with them, and as Foley set up another Piledriver, he was sent through the cell and even through the ring below. Triple H put the exclamation mark on it with a Pedigree and, for a short while anyway, Foley’s career was over.

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