Chargers can light the way to this smashing 6/1 NFL treble

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Chandler Catanzaro and Stephen Hauschka may have missed last week, but I certainly didn’t.

We may have gotten slightly lucky with the Saints, but like I said, ‘don’t be too afraid of backing road teams on long journeys in the NFL’, even if they’re in the early games.

Talent and good coaching outweighs any kind of jetlag you may have.

A 7/1 winner, consider it an early Christmas present to all of you whose teams bring you as much heartache as the Chargers have brought me for the last decade.

That’s enough of that though – let’s get down to business.

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Seattle (-2.5) @ New Orleans

Do you hear that? It’s Drew Brees’ back breaking – breaking from having to carry this team with him.

The worst defense in football hasn’t exactly been aided too much. Louisville’s Sheldon Rankins and Delvin Breaux have been missing for New Orleans, and that’s hardly helped their cause.

Rankins should have been that prototype run-stopping tackle, much like Brandon Mebane was in Seattle when they were so formidable.

Breaux was about the only good thing in the Saints’ secondary, it’s no wonder the Black and Gold give up over four hundred yards a game. Not too many people like Pete Carroll, but the one thing he is – is a winner.

After last week’s heartbreak in Arizona, expect this Seattle team to come out firing. Russell Wilson’s foot is getting better each week and Jimmy Graham is the most glaring matchup problem you could have when you lack any real top class safety help.

This one is an easy pick at .

Arizona (+3) @ Carolina

This line simply must have been created based on legacy. I’m sorry, but in what world does a secondary that looks as bad as the aforementioned New Orleans Saints’ not have points in hand against the best offense in football?

One point worth bringing up. I believe there’s two linebackers in football that can contend with David Johnson.

Luckily for Carolina, Luke Kuechly is one of them. After him? Nothing.

I’d have Arizona as three points favourites here. I’ve not been able to identify a line as badly drawn up as this one, this year.

Bye week or no bye week, the Panthers’ roar is little more than a purr now, fading back into mediocrity.

San Diego (+5) @ Denver

I really didn’t want to include my own team. Honestly, I really didn’t.

Then I saw they’re getting five points. C.J. Anderson is injured, Trevor Siemian is the starter and the Chargers are playing like a top ten team at the minute.

Oh, and another thing they’re welcoming back Brandon Flowers and Jahleel Addae. When you add in those reinforcements back into the secondary and remember that Joey Bosa is living up to the Watt comparison already – that line starts to look a bit funny.

Philip Rivers could complete passes to you and I, he’s just that good. Denver’s defense will completely shut down the pass game on the outside, hence the favourites tag.

San Diego can’t do that, they rely on pressure. The favourable matchups that the Chargers find come through tight ends, crossing routes and running backs.

Denver will be more aware of this. I’m not saying the Chargers will definitely win this game, but they should be more than comfortable getting within five at given that they should have won by 10+ only two weeks ago.

This week’s 6/1 Treble: Seattle -2.5, Arizona +3 & San Diego +5.

What do you think?