‘Brees’ your way through the NFL weekend with our 7/1 treble

Cash in on this NFL punt and score a touchdown on Week 7



As a fan of the San Diego Chargers, believe me when I say it hurts me to admit this – the Patriots are the best team in football now by a million miles.

I’d probably go as far as saying, there’s not even that many very good teams in football.

There are some good teams, some absolutely toxic teams – and the rest are just piled together in no man’s land waiting for the 2017 NFL Draft.

That’s enough positivity for one day though – let’s take a look at Week 7.

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New Orleans (+6.0) @ Kansas City

Okay, here’s the thing. The Chiefs have been a quality outfit now for a while. They’ve completely built a team around Alex Smith for him to work with.

Year after year they fail. We wonder why…

Maybe it’s because this team are being driven by a quarterback that didn’t complete a touchdown pass to a wide receiver in over a year.

Alex Smith being almost a touchdown better than the Saints is probably a logical spread, but I simply cannot back a man that inept at a skill position to beat a future Hall Of Famer – even if they’re at home in an early game on a Sunday.

No way. I believe in Breezus at !

Oakland (+1.5) @ Jacksonville

At this point, you’re probably thinking – ‘Andrew, you’re a fool‘.

I’m backing another team on the road to beat a relative underachiever. These are the ultimate gimmes in terms of acca builders, but no!

Here I am suggesting that a California team will go to Florida in another early game somehow cover the spread. Here’s the thing – it’s a spread for a reason and this is factored into the handicap.

The Raiders are clicking on all fronts, after a shaky start on defense. Shut down the two Allens and you’ve beaten the Jags at x/1.

Tampa Bay (-1.5) @ San Francisco

Okay, okay, okay. Florida team going to Cali and look, you know my angle. I think the 49ers are the worst team in football.

Chip Kelly’s system hasn’t even helped them gain an advantage. They spent an absolute fortune of franchise gold on their defensive pairing of Armstead and Buckner and neither are producing whatsoever.

Wrongly or rightly, Kaepernick is back at quarterback and this will apparently rejuvenate the Niners. That’s a good one.

Bowman is the second best linebacker in football and the only positive thing this team has going for them. With him gone, I’m not even sure they have the drive to win games.

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Treble: New Orleans (+6.5), Oakland (+1.5) & Tampa Bay (-2.5) at 7/1.

What do you think?