No clowning around: Liverpool bookies favourite to be first city to ban clown craze

The fad has been sweeping across the globe faster than a fake flower can squirt water


Forget the pound crashing or Wayne Rooney’s international career coming to the end – it’s evil clowns terrorising Great Britain that we all have to be worried about.

The latest craze of dressing up as a terrifying clown and scaring the wits out of innocent passers-by is sweeping across Britain, but Paddy Power is attempting to see the funny side by offering a series of clown betting specials.

Unsurprisingly, the police aren’t clowning around on the matter and this week the first arrest was made, prompting the bookmaker to offer odds of 5/6 that there’ll be over 30.5 arrests made this year.

Clown around with all our punts at

Forget Brexit, the bookie is offering 33/1 for British PM Theresa May to call an emergency COBRA meeting on the matter– and there’s sure to be a few clowns at that too.

Paddy is also offering odds on which city will be first to ban the masked menaces, and Liverpool is favourite at 3/1.

The odds on the first area to ban the craze are as follows:

First City to Ban Clowns
3/1         Liverpool
7/1         Edinburgh
7/1         Manchester
12/1       London
12/1       Birmingham
14/1       Leeds
20/1       Norwich
(Others available on request)

Pack up the clown car

Speaking to the BBC yesterday Andrew Davis of the World Clown Association said any person involved in the craze is “an idiot dressed up in a mask“.

“A genuine clown would not run up to somebody and make them jump and frighten them,” said Davis.

Perhaps the biggest victim in this scary fad is McDonalds very own Ronald McDonald, and Paddy is offering odds of 66/1 for the iconic character to be axed as the food-chains figurehead.

When asked about the issue Paddy Power said: “You have to feel for ordinary hard-working clowns like Ronald McDonald in this situation but with the craze terrorising Brits you wouldn’t bet against cities banning the red-nosed, big-wigged pests.

“With the situation only getting worse, 33/1 for May to call a COBRA meeting shouldn’t be laughed at.”

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