Punters don’t be caught with a leaky defence, secure your account with a strong password now

Good security is important for everyone, just ask Kim Kardashian!


The word ‘defence’ is majorly important in the world of sport, punters will always ponder and analyse how secure any opponent is in that field before placing a bet – but have you considered how personally safe your online backline is?

In a world of increasing online fraud, we are actively encouraging our customers to not to wait and change their account password to a better protected version today.

Don’t be a David Moyes type when it comes to your personal security, lock up that password defence right now!

At Paddy Power we know our loyal punters are crafty so-and-so’s and we want you to use that in the creation of your password. Our advice is to make it easy to remember for you, but so difficult for others that even Stephen Hawking or Monkman from University Challenge wouldn’t be able to correctly guess it.

Our tips are: Make sure your password has at six characters, do not use your user name as part of your password, no ridiculously easy passwords like “123456” or “ABCDEF” (even Paddy could crack that), use a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers to be mysterious and don’t use only a dictionary word, your name, e-mail address, or other personal information that can easily be obtained. Plus don’t use the same password across multiple accounts – use a unique one for your PP account.

Now we called using ‘R00neyisagr8M1df13lder’, but have some fun and see if you can come up with something better than that. However, make sure you keep it to yourself!

You can find all you need to know about changing your password right here. It’s only takes two ticks and then you can punt away to your heart’s content knowing you’re account is safer than Fort Knox after doing so.

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