This 7/1 treble can Pack’ a punch in week two of the NFL

Ignore Thursday's game and make it a Super Sunday of gridiron action



How good is it to have the NFL back?

The best part is that it’s like nothing has changed! Aaron Rodgers is dropping dimes, the Patriots are still winning – nobody knows how – and San Diego are blowing fourth-quarter leads.

I broke my golden soccer rule of never backing the early game last week only to see the Sunday double come up. With a scratch spread this Thursday night – everyone should be avoiding that one.

There’s a couple of visiting teams this week getting points in hand. Let’s take a look at where the value lies.


Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins

Dak Prescott was far from spectacular in week one, but what do you expect from a bloke who clearly had no intention of starting up until a few weeks ago? The key to these young rookies? Don’t turn the ball over. Prescott was pick-free, and the Dallas offensive line kept him clean.

With ‘Zeke looking like the prospect we all thought he’d be, their offensive line is still the dominant force it was a year ago. All of these basics are here – they can be built on, so don’t be afraid to back the Cowboys after a poor week one showing, especially against opening week’s worst team – the Washington Redskins. And get this – the Cowboys have 2.5 points in hand. Go forth and multiply.

Detroit Lions v Tennessee Titans

Yano who aren’t that good? The Detroit Lions. Don’t be fooled by that opening win – it won’t last. They conceded 31 points to a team that can’t run the ball. Now, I’m not saying Tennessee are great shakes.

I thought they’d get closer to the Vikings than they did, but with the one-two punch of Murray and Henry operating better against this Everson Griffen-less front seven, I can see them getting comfortably within the spread.

Okay, remember what I said about sure things? Aaron Rodgers. I always find it funny that, when people talk about the best player in football, Rodgers is overlooked because he’s not the dominant presence that J.J. Watt is or a freak athlete like Von Miller is. The man is a bona fide genius with a football.

Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

The Vikings were better than expected in week one. A couple of things are clear in my head. The first being that Rodgers looks as good as he’s ever been based on his week one showing, and the second thing is that this Vikings team won’t be winning twice in a row. No chance. Not happening. Nope.

In saying that, I’m going to give myself the safety net of match odds, instead of taking the spread. Divisional games can be tighter than other clashes for no good reason – I’ll take Green Bay, just to win.

This week’s treble: Dallas Cowboys (+2.5), Tennessee Titans (+5.5) + Green Bay Packers (10/13).

What do you think?