Switching Allegiances: Who should you be supporting at Euro 2016 now that England, Ireland and Northern Ireland are out?

There are just eight teams left in Euro 2016, and we've made a handy questionnaire for you to complete so you know who to cheer on


Don't worry England and Ireland fans, we'll find a second team for you to support

There's still time to jump on a winning bandwagon

OK, so it didn’t go to plan for Ireland, England or Northern Ireland. All three sides went out in the round of 16 at Euro 2016, with Wales the only ‘local’ team still in the hunt for an unlikely triumph. But now that the flags, bunting and inflatable hammers have been put away who do you cheer on? There are still seven games and eight hungry teams fighting it out for European dominance, and even if your team isn’t there it’d be madness to turn your nose up at some top quality football.

Enter our ‘Swapping Allegiances’ quiz.

Simply work through the below chart and we’ll tell you which team you should support from the quarter-finals onwards. You’re welcome!



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