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Paddy’s Euro 2016 DOs and DONTs

Your responsible friends at the Paddy Power Blog are here to help you out with betting advice for the Euros

Euro 2016 Ball

You’ve got the loan from the bank. Plastic hammers and bulldogs have been packed with a tinfoil trophy squeezed in to a jammed suitcase. So everything is almost sorted. Paddy Power has compiled its own list of dos and don’ts ahead of the tournament kicking off on Friday at 8pm.


Try to use the Paddy Power app or log onto paddypower.com – punters won’t be able to place a bet while over in France on any of our products. Sorry!


Avoid that problem by placing all of your tournament bets before you hop onto the plane/train/automobile. Our latest odds on Euro 2016 are here.


Order escargot in a restaurant just because you want to ‘experiment’. This is just snails and they’re slimier than Cristiano Ronaldo at a photoshoot.


Check in at every game or tourist attraction on Facebook. It’s all about that crucial 11th like.


Bring a novelty mass to wear around the streets of Paris – it’s illegal to cover your face as well. No really. It is.


Bring your national flag. It’s almost guaranteed to get onto the tellybox then and you can say hi to Mammy and Uncle Joe and the rest of the family. Especially if there’s some witty slogan on it, slagging Scotland. That could go viral!


Log onto the internet on Monday morning because you will be inundated with Game of Thrones spoilers. Sacre bleu!


Tape Game of Thrones.

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