Euro 2016 Match Planner: Don’t miss a kick thanks to Paddy Power’s Euro 2016 Wallchart!

There's more than 4,500 minutes of action ahead of us this summer, but you won't miss a second of Euro 2016 thanks to this handy Paddy Power Wallchart

Euro 2016 Wallchart Planner Header Image


Print off, get your marker pen out and keep up to date with every kick of Euro 2016 in France

Euro 2016 Match Planner

What’s the best thing about Euro 2016? The best European players on the planet going toe-to-toe across a month of entertaining action? The glorious summer days where there are three games on to enjoy? Or is it the fact that you get to relive your childhood, print off a match planner and fill it in along the way?

Yes, yes, and absolutely yes.

Whether it’s in the office, the pub or your bedroom, don’t hang around. Get this visual delight printed off and stuck on the wall. There’s more than 4,500 minutes of Euro 2016 action to look forward to, and we don’t want you to miss a kick!

Euro 2016 Wallchart

There you have it. 51 games to look forward too. An entire month of glorious action. 24 teams which will be whittled down to just two for an epic Final on July 10 in Stade De France. Who wins? We have no bloody idea, but we’re going to have a bucket load of fun filling out our wallchart along the way.

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