Euro 2016 Sweepstake Kit: Get set for a summer of football in France!

Euro 2016 is almost here - so print off this Sweepstake Kit and use it as an excuse to take money off your family, friends and work colleagues

Scissors and top hat at the ready...

Euro 2016 Sweepstake Kit

Euro 2016 is quickly approaching, and while we drape the house in bunting, attach flags to our car wing-mirrors and challenge fellow football fans into doing the John Barnes rap from World In Motion, it’d also be pretty much compulsory to complete a sweepstake.

Whether it’s in work, at home or in the pub, this is your chance to take some money off your friends, family and colleagues – just make sure you don’t draw Albania.

So there you go, our lovely Sweepstake Kit featuring slightly racist stereotypical crests. No all you need to do is grab 23 strangers and get stuck in. Click the link above to print off your kit, grab a pair of scissors and cut out the teams, throw them into a hat (preferably a top hat or bowler hat if possible) and conduct a very fair draw – ensuring obviously that as organiser you get one of the favourites.

Throw a few quid into the pot and get ready to adopt a second country for the tournament!

Come on Turkey FFS!

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