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Where is the Euro 2016 tournament being held?

Euro 2016 is being held in France across ten cities.  Bordeaux, Lens, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Paris, Saint-Denis, Saint-Étienne, and Toulouse will all hold games at one stage or another in the tournament.

It’s the third time France has held the European Championships, having hosted the inaugural tournament in 1960 and then again in 1984, winning it at the latter championships.

What dates are Euro 2016?

The tournament begins on the 10th of June with the French taking on Romania and finish exactly one month later on the 10th of July where the chances are France will not be playing Romania. Unlike the British Isles, the French weather is quite nice during the summer so there won’t be any rain delays to the matches.

Where will the Euro 2016 final be held?

The final will be played in the Stade de France on the 10th of July. The 82,000 capacity stadium is located in the suburb of Saint-Denis, just north of Paris and will be familiar to the followers of British and Irish sport.
It was the venue for the FIFA World Cup final in 1998, the 2003 Confederations Cup final and the 2007 Rugby World Cup final. Arsenal fans will have painful memories of the stadium – it’s where they lost the 2006 Champions League final to Barcelona.

What are the kick-off times for Euro 2016?

Bar the opening game, all of the group matches will kick off on a constant schedule, One match at 15:00, one match at 18:00 and one match at 21:00. This will continue all the way up until the quarter final stage where all games following will have a kick off time of 21:00.

Who is in England’s group?

England were drawn in Group B alongside Russia, Slovakia and Wales. England have never won the European Championship but did give us the greatest football anthem of all time when Baddiel and Skinner released Three Lions ahead of the tournament in 1996. Wales have made a major tournament for the first time in decades.

Who is in the Republic Of Ireland’s group?

The Republic were drawn in what would be christened the Group of Death – Group E alongside Belgium, Italy and Sweden. Italy have won the European Championships once but the World Cup four times, while Sweden and Belgium were both ranked in the top 10 of the FIFA rankings when the draw was made back on the 12th of December.

Who’s in Northern Ireland’s group?

Making their first ever appearance at a European Championship, Northern Ireland were given a tricky group as well containing the world champions Germany and the 2012 Championship hosts in Poland and the Ukraine. Michael O’Neill’s side topped their qualifying group and have a large number of the Green and White Army getting the campervans ready for France.

Is there golden/silver goal at Euro 2016?

No. After a brief trial in the early part of the 2000’s, the golden/silver goal rule was abolished and removed from the laws of the game. Like when your mate was talking to you for ages about that Chinese restaurant down the road, while it was nice for a while, eventually you got sick from it.

Much to the chagrin of France who won Euro 2000 with the help of David Trezeguet’s golden goal.

Will there be goal line technology at Euro 2016?

Yes. Which means that England fans won’t have any excuses if a shot goes over the line and isn’t given, like in 2010 at the World Cup. UEFA passed the rule in January of this year after it’s success in the Premier League season and the 2014 World Cup. To help aid the referees there will be extra officials on the end line in case something is spotted. But in truth, they’re about as useful as a diet for Mamadou Sakho.

What is the official Euro 2016 ball?

The Euro 2016 is the delightfully named Beau Jeu made by Adidas. Below is a picture of it.

Euro 2016 Ball

How many teams are in Euro 2016?

24 teams have qualified with some quite notable exceptions including The Netherlands, Denmark and Greece , all of whom are former European Champions. Scotland were the only one of the home nations not to qualify so will spend the summer in front of the telly. The 2016 edition will be expanded out to 24 teams from 16 previously.

How many matches will take place at Euro 2016?

All going to plan there’ll be 51 matches.  There’s no replays at international tournaments so unless there’s some dodgy baguettes going round the venues, it’ll be 51 and done. It’s more than the 2012 tournament thanks to the expansion of the number of teams.

Who will win Euro 2016?

After coming so close to Eurovision success it’s got to be Australia. Beating Scotland in the final. Tee hee

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