Get instant access to your winnings courtesy of Paddy Power’s Cash Card PPlus

The wait for your winnings online is finally over - here's how you can get hold of that cold hard cash instantly


Instant access to your winnings

The Paddy Power tech wizards are at it again...

We’ve all experienced those glorious punting weekends. You’ve just clicked a cheeky little 3.00pm accumulator on the Premier League, your gee-gee has romped home in the feature race at Doncaster, or your golfer has swept into a three-shot lead with four holes to play.

There is no better feeling. You’re on cloud nine. Friends, family members and strangers in the street are running over to congratulate you. But there’s a problem. Because you punted online you have to wait 2-3 working days to get your hands on that sweet cash.

Who is going to pay for all the celebratory pizza and beers?

Luckily the tech wizards in Power Tower are on hand with the brand new Cash Card PPlus. This is your very own Paddy Power Card which will allow you to withdraw from the ATM, make purchases online and in shops straight from your Paddy Power account. Now you can hit the tiles and trip the lights fandango as soon as you bag a winner.

Here’s a quick run-through of all the things you can do with the Cash Card PPlus.

  • ATM Usage
    Use your card to withdraw cash at any ATM displaying the Mastercard® acceptance mark. Put your winnings in a bag, empty the bag of notes onto a hotel bed, and frolic like you’re in the movies.
  • Contactless
    As well as being very hip and trendy, we’re also moving with the times and so you can use your Paddy Power Card for contactless transactions too..
  • Chip and Pin
    Good ol’ chip and pin – never leave us. Make payments using your Cash Card PPlus with the chip and pin machine, and if you ask very nicely the man behind the till might even give you some sweet cash back.
  • Online Purchases
    What? There’s an offer on a variety of space hoppers online? Get me my laptop and hurry. Your Cash Card PPlus can also make online payments and purchases for all your inflatable needs and more.

So there you have it – instant access to your winnings courtesy of Paddy Power’s Cash Card PPlus. And it couldn’t be any simpler to set up and go.

  • Go to ‘My Account’ on
  • Click into Cash Card PPlus
  • Hit ‘Request a Card’ and submit your details
  • You will then receive your Cash Card PPlus within 14 days

In fact the only hard bit of the whole process is picking a winner in the first place! Anyone got a tip?

“The ­­Cash Card PPlus is issued by IDT Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated. IDT Financial Services Limited is a regulated bank, licensed by the Financial Services Commission, Gibraltar. Registered Office: 57-63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar. Registered No. 95716. All communications should be sent to Paddy Power plc, Power Tower, Blocks 1-3 Belfield Office Park, Beech Hill Road, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4”

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