Paddy got spanked by Leicester so we did something special for the brave punters that backed them!

Punters left riding high by Paddy Power

It’s always fun when Paddy Power has to climb down from his pedestal made of the tears of his workers in Power Tower and today was one of those days as the brave punters who backed Leicester at season’s start were rewarded by the bookmaker.

The heroes were given a ride through Leicester city center atop a 32ft long open top bus, featuring congratulatory messages along each side and humble-pie quotes on the rear from football pundits who doubted Claudio Ranieri’s credentials, including Gary Lineker.

Winning punters joined Foxes legend Matt Elliott and in-demand Jamie Vardy lookalike, Lee Chapman, to revel in the sea of blue and white. Even Paddy himself, who paid out over £2,000,000 on the Foxes winning the title, managed a smile.

Among the winners was Paddy Power customer Andrew Pitney from Somerset, who won a whopping £50,000 after placing a £20 bet at odds of 2500/1 at the start of the season. Needless to say he was happier than Louis Van Gaal watching paint dry:

“It’s difficult to describe how I feel right now. I know it was pretty crazy to put a bet on Leicester at the start of the season but I guess the who Premier League season has been crazy. Landing the bet is a dream come true and I’ve brought along the whole family for today’s bus tour – they’ve had the time of their lives!”

Paddy Power, a spokesperson for Paddy Power, said

“I’ve been involved in some celebrations in my time – like when Westlife got back together – but nothing like this. Leicester’s story really is one in a million and even though our Leicester Premier League payout is one for the record books I’m over the moon – it’s the best thing to happen to football Sepp Blatter resigned!”

So there you have it. Who know, we may be commissioning another open top bus for Burnley fans next season! All 27 of them!

Haha, no, stop thinking it…

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