WWE Raw Review: Is AJ Styles working with Gallows and Anderson or not?! Find out here…

Are the Bullet Club reuniting? Will Anderson and Gallows help AJ Styles win the title at Payback? Here's what happened to the trio on WWE Monday Night Raw


Are they together? Are they not together?

No it's not Cheryl and Liam - it's WWE Raw

It was the final WWE Raw before the PPV Payback on Monday night, and there are still huge question marks over whether or not the contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, AJ Styles is, or is not, working with his former Bullet Club buddies Gallows and Anderson.

In a high-stakes environment, sometimes you don’t know who your friends are. It’s like the Dublin gangland combined with a Hollyoaks omnibus-worth of drama.

The first sign that the three men might be in cahoots came after AJ Styles comfortably beat Sheamus. The Irishman who was at his near-translucent best on the way to the ring put up some aggressive action early on, but AJ pinged him with plenty and finished him off with a Phenomenal Forearm.

After the match Gallows and Anderson appeared at the top of the ramp to applaud AJ. They were wearing some sweet clobber as well – just look at those sleeveless white trench coats!

Later on in the night Anderson and Gallows were in a match of their own against The Usos. As with every wrestling tag team match it all got a little bit frantic towards the end, before Anderson and Gallows pinged Jimmy with The Magic Killer and got the 1-2-3.

But because Anderson and Gallows are pretty mean, they continued their beat-down of The Usos after the bell. Pretty unnecessary. That was until cousin Roman Reigns appeared (cue lots of boos) and made his way to the ring. Reigns cleared house to protect his family and did his whole ‘growling face spit’ as Gallows and Anderson made a hasty retreat.

Roman Reigns was in action in the final match of the night against Alberto Del Rio. Unsurprisingly there was a bit of back-and-forth before Reigns took control with officially the worst move in wrestling, a Superman Punch. Anderson and Gallows appeared to put Reigns off, but because Del Rio’s fall from grace in the business has been so dramatic, he still couldn’t pick up a win. Reigns smashed him with a spear and got the win.

After the match Anderson and Gallows laid into Reigns before AJ Styles came out to stop them. Styles ate a Superman Punch for his troubles, before Anderson and Gallows got involved again. AJ had the final say by hitting the champ with a Phenomenal Forearm, while we’re still not sure who is friends with who going into the title match at Payback.

Elsewhere, Stephanie McMahon interrupted brother Shane to tell him that the destiny of who controls Raw will be decided by big papa Vince on Sunday at Payback. The crowd love Shane, and hate Steph. For some reason Steph wasn’t wearing a wedding ring as noted by some eagle-eyes on Twitter, what that means I have no idea.

There was some classic trash talking between Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose ahead of their Payback match. Ambrose is arguably the most-liked superstar in the WWE currently, while Jericho is excellent as a bad guy. Y2J asked for an apology from The Lunatic Fringe, but Ambrose simply apologised for Chris Jericho’s terrible boots, awful scarf, and his ‘Bon Jovi haircut’.

Elswhere the WWE Tag Team Champs, The New Day, hyped up the number one contenders match at Payback, Apollo Crews picked up another simple victory, this time over Stardust, and Natalya beat Emma in double-quick time before staring down the Women’s Champ Charlotte ahead of their upcoming title bout.

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