Say hello to FlashMarkets – speedy In-Play betting with no-one waving their genitals at you


If you read the headline and instantly thought ‘finally, a commercial platform where I can receive payment for exposing my genitalia in public’ then you can stop reading right now. This isn’t the promotional blog article for you.

If however you’re a Paddy Power customer who enjoys the thrills, spills and cold, hard e-cash of In-Play betting, then this is right up your virtual street. Allow us to explains by the use of words and pictures.

What are FlashMarkets?

FlashMarkets are In-Play markets with tiny life spans. Really short spans – think of the moment in the sun an X Factor winner gets and divide it by seven. There you go – we’re talking almost microscopic.

Throughout the match we will have markets on what will happen in the next minute such as ‘Will there be a throw in?’

You’ll be able to bet on Yes or No, depending on how likely you think a team are to hoof the ball into touch. After the minute, if there’s been a throw-in, Yes is the winner, if it doesn’t happen, No is the winner. Whatever the outcome, bets will be settled instantly and winnings credited to accounts straight away.

As you can probably see, we underlined the words throw in in the above market. That’s because those words can be replaced by loads of other underlined words to make for a range of one minute markets. These include:

  • Free Kick
  • Goal
  • Card
  • Offside
  • Corner Kick
  • Penalty
  • Goal Kick

Once all our tech nerds have finished watching Batman v Superman and debating Ben Affleck’s performance, we hope to launch these FlashMarkets in April 2016 for some of the biggest Premier League games (as well as Arsenal v West Brom)

  • Arsenal v West Brom (Thursday 21)
  • Manchester City v Stoke and Everton v Manchester United (Saturday 23)
  • Sunderland v Arsenal and Leicester v Swansea (Sunday 24)

Obviously you’re now excited to the point of having a hysterical fit, but we’ll run the risk of tipping you into that frenzied excitement by telling you plans are afoot to increase the range of markets and the time-frames involved. What next? Two minute markets? Three minute markets? Will Diego Costa stamp on anyone in the next eight seconds markets? Who knows?

Combined with our fantastic new One Touch In-Play option, it makes for a pretty snazzy In-Play functionality. In fact, some may say it’s the fastest way to bet in play. And although we are being paid to say this, it’s true and we’d say it anyway without being paid.

What do you think?