Read how one customer signed up for a Grand National punt then goes and turns £2 into £510k with Genie Jackpot


Wishes Do Come True

How one Cornwall customer became a half-millionaire

If all that comes to mind when you think of Cornwall are pasties, old age pensioners and shallow gene-pools you might be a little bit racist. At the very least you should get out more.

The one thing that comes to mind when we think about Cornwall this week is a genie and over half a million pounds. That’s how much Paddy Power customer EP (best to keep the personal details private when you hit the jackpot) won over the weekend when playing slots game Genie Jackpot.

We’ve been warned not to make any Robin Williams jokes, now matter what kind of taste they’re in.

EP turned £2 in to £510k when she won the progressive jackpot on the Genie Jackpot game. Even though she was a Paddy Power newbie, a slots newbie and was only getting to grips with online gaming when she struck gold. You have to love a little beginners luck.

We called EP to ask her how she felt after winning over half a million pounds playing online slots:

I only signed up on Grand National to place a bet on the big race. I was going to go down to the local shop to put a bet on, but my husband said to just do it online as it’s easier. I placed the bet and started playing slots with what I had left over. One thing led to another, I had a couple of nice wins at the start – £500 then £800 and then a few days later, this happened.

On being a slots newbie:

I am new to slots so I wasn’t sure what was happening to be honest. All these symbols started whizzing around the screen and then that popped up. I didn’t know what was going on.

Why she went for Genie Jackpot and which game she thinks will pay out next:

I just really liked the look of it. It looked really slick and the bonus rounds were really interactive. I was shouting at the screen and getting really involved in it! I played some other games, but they just didn’t grab my attention like this one. Obviously, the jackpot amount was a big thing too! I think Isle of Plenty might go next as it seems to be going slower than the others.

On her first splurge:

We bought a set of new teaspoons there yesterday….

What she plans on doing with her winnings:

I’d like to clear the mortgage first. Then I will help my family and relieve any financial pressure and worry for my mum who I plan on looking after and we won’t have to worry about any bills or anything for a while which will be fantastic. Oh, and my husband wants to buy a fairground ride.

Wins half a mil and she spends it on fancy spoons, a fairground ride and sorting out her nearest and dearest. Brilliant! We’re not sure EP could be any more PP if she tried.

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