WWE Raw Review: Watch Roman Reigns stun Triple H, and find out Kevin Owens’ WrestleMania destiny

Here's how WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H got another beat-down from his WrestleMania 32 opponent Roman Reigns


Less than two weeks until the showcase of the immortals...

The stage is set for WrestleMania 32, and all eyes are on the grand-daddy of them all as WWE Raw ramps up the pace. On last night’s episode Roman Reigns had yet another run-in with WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H, as he stunned the King of Kings in the parking lot.

As The Game and wife Stephanie prepared to leave the arena, Roman Reigns was waiting for them and dished out a few slaps before Triple H dived into the car and bailed. There are question marks over the driver in question here, who didn’t seem too concerned that an angry title challenger was marching towards the car but we’ll let that slide. This is WWE after all so why would you lock your doors?

Anyway, here are the cheap shots in full. Warning: Contains lots of high-pitched shrieking from Steph.

Sticking with the McMahons and their deranged family, Vince was in the ring again to slate his ‘former son’ Shane McMahon. After laying down a bit of smack-talk, and emphasising that The Undertaker is his ‘bitch’, Vince explained that if Taker lost he’d never wrestle at Mania again.

Just a quick point here Vince – calling Taker your ‘bitch’ is not going to end well. Whatever about the Hell in a Cell match, those kind of comments will almost certainly come back and tombstone your head into the canvas.

Earlier in the evening Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens stole a non-title victory over AJ Styles courtesy of a distraction from Chris Jericho. It was an entertaining match that would have potentially teed up something very special at Mania. However, that’s not the way WWE works, and after a brawl broke out between Stardust, Sin Cara, Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz and Sami Zayn, it was decided that KO would defend his title in a ladder match against all six men. Get excited!

Unfortunately that probably means that Y2J and AJ Styles will go at it again at WrestleMania, which is a bit of a shame as we’ve already seen that feud play out last month. But still, at least we’ll get to see someone take a big bump off a ladder. Hopefully Stardust.

Dean Ambrose, the man who takes on The Beast Brock Lesnar in less than a fortnight’s time had a bout with Braun Strowman to close the show. The Lunatic Fringe finished the match after getting himself disqualified for thumping Strowman with a steel chair. A few more shots and a Dirty Deeds later and Strowman was floored, leaving Ambrose to stare out Lesnar’s manager Paul Heyman.

Roman Reigns, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are all favourites in the betting for their respective WrestleMania matches, but can anyone upset the odds? We’ve got one more Raw before the main event, and a lot can happen in the WWE…

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