Another Sunday and two more brutal UFC knockouts

The land down under saw a walk off last night


Even our heads are ringing after last night and no it has nothing to do with the celebratory end of Cheltenham pints. UFC Fight Night took place in Brisbane yesterday and was headlined by Mark Hunt against the former UFC Champ Frank Mir. Mir once made Brock Lesnar tap out, while the New Zealander has previously won Knockout of the Year.

He may well have done so again in the main event, as it took just three minutes for Hunt to land a walk off knockout, something which is usually seen after a night out in a kebab shop.


We love the little head shake as he walks by. No no Frank. Now is when you stay down he seems to be thinking. A lot of Aston Villa fans are thinking the same we reckon.

Not to be outdone, Steve Bosse needed one punch to knock out James Te-Huna in an earlier light heavyweight bout.

Boom. It would not be surprising to hear that James’ head is woozier than Rafa Benitez’s after realizing what the hell he’s after getting himself in for! UFC once again proving that for every five round title thriller, there’s always a glorious knockout waiting around the corner.


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