WWE Raw Review: Watch how Dean Ambrose shocked Triple H, and find out why Chris Jericho betrayed AJ Styles

A month ahead of WWE WrestleMania 32, watch how Dean Ambrose briefly got his hands on the gold


It was a wild night for WWE fans in Chicago as the Unicorns marched on and Ambrose upset The Game

The WWE roadshow landed in Chicago on Monday night, as the wrestling world builds up for the grand-daddy of them all, WrestleMania, in a month’s time.

As expected Shane McMahon opened the show and told fans that he was going to get rid of his old man Vince McMahon, get rid of the Authority, and ditch the rest of the bulls*** WWE fans have been put through recently. Unsurprisingly this went down well with everybody.

Then The Undertaker’s gong hit and the crowd went wild. Only it wasn’t The Undertaker at all, it was Vince McMahon. Pysch! Vince told Shane he was disowning him and smashed a framed picture of baby Shane O’Mac. Old man Vince sent down some security to deal with his offspring, but Shane dished out some really dubious right hands and ended up standing tall in the squared-circle. It wasn’t quite the Shane O’Mac of the late 90’s, and at times felt like watching your dad brawling other dads at Sports Day in primary school, but he threw some dude out of the ring and everyone loved it. So, yay for WWE.

There was a title on the line on WWE Raw between the greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling, The New Day, and their opponents Chris Jericho and AJ Styles. An entertaining match could have gone Y2AJ’s way had Big E not saved Kofi Kingston after AJ’s springboard 450, but luckily our favourite unicorn friends reigned supreme. Jericho tried to hit a Codebreaker, but Big E reversed it into a Big Ending and retained the Tag Titles.

After the bell Jericho turned on AJ, hitting the fan favourite with three Codebreakers, somewhat signalling the end of the short-lived Y2AJ partnership.

The night ended with a clash between Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt. Ambrose is set to face Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Road Block on Sunday night, so it was no surprise to see The Game making his way to the ring at the end of this one.

As is the case with pretty much every match Bray Wyatt is involved in recently, a Wyatt Family interference led to a disqualification and Bray hit Ambrose with Sister Abigail and then mumbled something vaguely provocative towards the crowd while strangely nuzzling his sweaty head into the armpits of his brothers.

Enter Triple H.

The King of Kings had a brief stare down with Bray that led to nothing more than Wyatt stroking the World Heavyweight Title belt, before The Game turned his attentions to the Lunatic Fringe.

Due to Triple H being completely unprepared for a brawl it ttok significant time for him to remove his lovely jacket and unbutton his cuffs so that he could roll up his sleeves. That gave Ambrose ample time to hit Triple H with Dirty Deeds and get his hands on the title belt.

Is that a sign of things to come on Sunday? Almost certainly not. Triple H is still bound to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 32, and while we haven’t seen Reigns on TV for a couple of weeks after Triple H mashed his face into a bloody mess, Reigns is still the red-hot favourite to leave Mania with the title.

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