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Paddy Power introduces this snazzy Track My Bet feature and it’s worth checking out

Combine shop bets with online wizardry

Track My Bet

Introducing Paddy Power's exclusive Track My Bet

Bringing shop betting together with mobile technology to keep you on top of your bets

‘GRRRR. I’m so frustrated. I love betting responsibly in Paddy Power and using their betting machines, but once I leave, I lose track of how all the bets I’ve placed responsibly are progressing’

If you’re anything like us, you’ve had similar thoughts at certain points in your life. You place your bet on one of Paddy Power in shop betting machines, but tracking how your bet (or even more problematically, accumulator) is doing requires more effort than it’s worth.

Well your first world problems are at an end my friend thanks to people who understand computers much better than we do. Paddy Power have introduced a fantastic Track My Bet feature which allows you to track how your bet is getting on online or via mobile. We’ll give you a minute to pick your jaw off the floor.

Very A-Track-tive

It’s really cool and we’d be saying that even if we weren’t contractually obliged to do so. Track My Bet gives you the option to Cash Out a bet online with ease and if that snazzy feature wasn’t enough, it also allows you to:

  • Get live match info on your phone or computing device
  • Receive notifications on key events in the games you punted
  • Transfer winnings to your Cash Card or paddypower.com account

And this brief we’ve been given says ‘loads more is coming …’. We’ll that’s a little vague, but let’s just presume it will all be great. Yay for Track My Bet!! Here’s some images of how it will look on an iPhone. Other phones are available and may actually be a bit better.

Track My Bet screens

It’s EXCLUSIVE TO PADDY POWER – a point so important to communicate, it requires the use of CAPS LOCK and bold.

To experience this technology in all its glory, there are a couple of ways to do it.

  • Option 1: Type your mobile phone number before placing your bet and we’ll text you a link where you can see all your bets
    (for which you provided a number, of course)
  • Option 2: Go to trackmybet.co.uk or trackmybet.ie and use your bet ticket number to load it

All the remains is to find your nearest Paddy Power shop, bet responsibly and then track your bets responsibly also.

What do you think?