Say hello to One Touch from Paddy Power – the fastest way to bet in-play

Paddy Power One Touch In-Play betting


How many touches do you need to place a quick in-play bet?

We'll give you a clue: it's not 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10+

Say hello to One Touch from Paddy Power.

Not literally because we didn’t give it the capacity to maintain idle chitchat or build friendships, but nevertheless, we’re confident you’ll grow to be pretty fond of it.

As the name and tagline somewhat suggest, One Touch is the fastest way to bet in-play.

In-Play betting is great, but it can be tough. First of all you need to figure out if Liverpool are actually playing well or if it’s just a good spell ahead of conceding a shambolic goal and making Graham Dorrans look like a Glaswegian Xavi. Then you need to pick a bet that adequately reflects what you think will happen in the game. And once that’s taken care of, there’s the hassle of getting to your betslip and placing the bet before the odds change or the inevitable happens.

Damn you Martin Skrtel, you should have cleared that.

We can’t do much about Liverpool’s defending, but we can help with getting your bet on. That’s what One Touch is all about. Rather than going through the time-consuming of selecting your bet, going to your bet-slip and hitting ‘PLACE BET’, One Touch allows you to do it in … er … one touch.

Yeah, we know it’s only a matter of seconds, but these seconds matter when Joe Allen is liable to give the ball away at any moment.

To use this snazzy new feature, just go to Paddy Power on your mobile phone, now let us guide you by the e-hand and guide you through what’s actually a really simple process.

Step #1

Go to Paddy Power on your mobile device. Tap on an In-Play event and you should see the One Touch button. Tap it to activate One Touch.

Paddy Power One Touch In-Play betting screenshot

Step #2

You’ll see a message confirming that you’ve turned on One Touch mode. You’ll be asked to set your default stake (this is easy to change). Next time you tap some odds, your bet will happen without requiring you to confirm your bet.

Paddy Power One Touch In-Play betting

Turning One Touch mode off is just a matter of tapping the One Touch mode button again.

Step #3

This is just to make sure you know where to set your stake. Simples.

Step #4

Next time you tap some odds, your bet will go through without you getting a ‘Place Bet’ confirmation message.

Step #5

Then a man casually juggling a football will appear to show your bet is going through. Don’t worry, this is a good thing. Unless that football is Joe Allen juggling the ball casually in front of an already nervous back four.

Step #6

This isn’t really a step, just the last part of the process. Job done. Your bet is on with ease and you’ve hopefully avoided the horrible scourge that is finger-cramp

Paddy Power One Touch In-Play betting screenshot

That’s all there is to it. So go and try it out. Our tech nerds spent ages working on it and they want you to use it.  Well, what they really want is lots of Big Bang Theory and about 40 new Star Wars movies that maintain the high quality of the original trilogy while developing the new narrative arcs of the New Frontier.

But also you to use One Touch, so give it a whirl.

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