WWE Raw Review: Find out who made a spectacular return on a crazy night in WWE

Shane McMahon is back! Triple H has snapped! WWE has gone full Attitude Era again!


What year is this? Did we go to sleep and wake up in the Attitude Era.

Shane O’Mac is back. Not only is he back but he’s taking on The Undertaker at WrestleMania in a Hell in a Cell! Dean Ambrose got brutally attacked by Brock Lesnar and then drove an ambulance to ringside. Roman Reigns was left bleeding like a stuffed pig at the hands of Triple H, who put the exclamation point on the entire show with a pedigree on the steel steps.

JR would have called it a slobber-knocker – and it was gloriously unpredictable. Here’s how it went down…

Vince McMahon was in town to present the ‘Legacy of Excellence Award’ to who else, but his daughter Stephanie McMahon. But before the Million Dollar Princess had a chance to accept her prestigious slab of crystal, Shane McMahon’s music hits, the crowd goes collectively nuts, and the WWE gets turned on his head.

For people only tuning into WWE, Shane O’Mac doesn’t light up your world. Here’s a man in his mid-40s who looks a worryingly like Matt Le Blanc, wearing a suit and high-top trainers. But for anyone who watched WWE in the late 1990s, this is the kind of surprise that makes you giddy in work on a Tuesday morning. Shane was in some insane matches back in the day (please YouTube the match with Kurt Angle at King of the Ring, his bout with Vince at Wrestlemania, and the two Titontron jumps against Steve Blackman and the Big Show).

Yes Shane is now closing in on 50 and hasn’t been in a ring for seven years. But we’re excited.

Anyway, Shane came down and spouted some mysterious nonsense about Vince’s failings in the past. Shane indicated that he bailed Vince out behind Stephanie’s back, and the only reason Steph and Triple H are in control is because Shane has allowed it. Now he’s back and he wants control of WWE Raw. Vince agreed, but only if he wrestled one match, against a chosen opponent, at a chosen location.

That match? The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in Hell in a Cell. Boom!

Elsewhere Roman Reigns – the man who faces Triple H at WrestleMania for the WWE World Heavyweight title – beat Sheamus, and then met The King of Kings. Triple H, dressed in his old school black leather jacket, came to the ring and dished out an Attitude-Era beating on Reigns that bust him wide open. There were straight clubbing right hands, a few batterings off the announce table and a pedigree to the steel steps. Reigns was left a bloody mess, while Triple H stood over him and gave him a DX chop.

Dean Ambrose also poked the Beast, and in response Brock Lesnar wandered out to the parking lot to dismantle the Lunatic Fringe. Dean Ambrose was given a swift slam on to the windshield of a nearby limo which resulted in a trip in an ambulance. Later on in the night however, Dean commandeered the ambulance and drove it to the ring! Kitted out in a neck brace, and barely able to stand, Ambrose crawled to the ring, grabbed the mic and told Brock Lesnar he wants a street fight at Mania. Brock didn’t exactly say ‘yes’, but he did pick Ambrose up and F-5 him on the concrete again. So we’re presuming he’s up for it…

From start to finish it was wild. The countdown to WrestleMania 32 is on.

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