Djokovic offered three-month fruit farm job in exchange for Aussie visa ​

A small price to pay to win a tenth Australian Open, surely?


There’s been a further twist in the Novak Djokovic deportation saga with the Australian government offering the world’s number one tennis player a working visa in exchange for three months hard labour on a Victoria state farm.

Djokovic had his visa to enter Australia revoked on his arrival in Melbourne airport after refusing to wear a face-covering in WH Smiths.

The 34-year-old was then taken to a government detention hotel and was originally expected to be deported on Monday.

However, in a dramatic turn of events, Aussie officials have now offered the Serbian a three-month working visa – if he’s willing to spend 15-hours per day picking fruit on a Victoria farm.

“The big Sheila has two options: He can fill boxes with fruit, or he can p*ss off back to where he came from,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told Paddy Power News.

“It’s hard graft but he’ll be paid well. Somewhere in the region of $1-2 per crate.”

Djokovic is mulling over the proposal and was even given a guided tour of a local farm this morning.

“I’ll not lie, the accommodation isn’t a nice as the 7-star hotel I just left in Dubai,” he told PP News.

“For example, I didn’t have to share a toilet with 40 other men or run the risk of being bitten on the arse by a huntsman spider every time I took a sh*t.”


Meanwhile, it’s understood Morrison would also be open to granting Djokovic a visa – IF, he was allowed to kick the tennis star up the arse whilst wearing a giant boot.

“Novak is prepared to endure three-months back-breaking labour, he’s even willing to be an au pair. But he will not indulge the Prime Minister in this silly Australian tradition,” Djokovic’s team said.

“Disrespecting the boot is a bootable offence,” responded the Prime Minister’s office.

*Paddy Power’s breaking news coverage is 100% fake news – except the stuff about Man Utd being sh*t, that’s all true*


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