Eurovision Sweepstake Kit: Download and play with Paddy’s handy kit for Saturday

Just like a normal sweepstake but with sequins.


From Australia to Aberdeen the world will be tuning its eyes to Liverpool on Sunday night for the 2023 edition of Eurovision.

Enthusiasts everywhere will be gathering together for parties, singalongs and to console each other as the nil points roll in and the dream slowly dies.

And to add a little je ne sais quoi to proceedings, Paddy’s rustled up a sweepstake kit to celebrate the only event on planet earth with more sequins, tears, fake smiles and commiserations than his annual calendar shoot.

So even if your country’s not a winner you can still bag a few quid off your mates with our downloadable Eurovision Sweepstake kit!

If nothing else it’ll give you something to do while one of those dreadful eastern European ballads are on.

The bad news is that Ireland might not have made it to the final but the good news is that you can have a dog in the fight.

And, looking at Paddy’s prices, the UK won’t be repeating Sam Ryder’s heroics of last year, but you might pull favourites Sweden out of the bag and have a good chance of being quids in.

So get a shuffle on and get your hands on Paddy’s Eurovision Sweepstake kit. The hours are ticking down to the first note on Saturday evening!



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