Love Island: Kem is the favourite to ditch Amber and find a new fling

Him and Amber have hit a rocky patch, and we think he will bin her off at the first opportunity...


This series of Love Island has already had more twists and turns than we can count on two hands.

The latest, this week, is said to see the contestants split into two villas by gender, with a host of sexy new arrivals set to join them. The idea is that the new contestants will sway the existing ones, and the drama levels will almost reach breaking point. Yes, give it to me!

With tensions running high recently, we make Kem the favourite at 9/4 to change his coupling next, and essentially bin off Amber once and for all. Hooray!

Next up in the betting is the lady in question, Amber, at 5/2. There’s been flirtation between her and Simon, and a new boy in the villa could be the distraction she needs.

Next in the betting is new girl Tyla (11/4) who, despite being snared on last night’s show by Simon, has made no secret of her Johnny obsession – and he’s far from discouraged her pursuit. Which hasn’t gone down well with Camilla-fans.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “I think Amber’s quite good value to ditch Kem. Especially with all these new hunks arriving – after all, every bloke who’s turned up so far has been her type on paper.

“While Simon’s a bit of a dark horse, and I’m not sure current partner Tyla is his type, though I’d hate to put words in someone else’s mouth. After all, that’s his party trick.”

It’s Love Island, not friend Island, and we’re taking bets on it. Click here for more.

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