Love Island: Bookies tip Jess and Mike to return, but Dom to leave the show (Lucien Laurent)

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Here we are again…

That’s right, Love Island continues to enthral the nation, with more drama over the weekend than a day in Chris and Olivia’s turbulent relationship. Or Kem and Amber’s. Or Jess and Dom’s. And so on.

Despite Jess’s totally convincing denial on Love Island After Sun, rumours continue that she and Mike hooked up after they left the villa. They’ve been spotted getting cosy on Snapchat in a London nightclub, and fans are left to manically debate their situation on social media.

With such huge interest in the duo, we’ve decided to make them 2/1 to return to the villa. Now, that would be a juicy twist.

With reports in the media suggesting islanders will be split into separate male and female villas, with new faces being added to each, we think these two could be set to make a – perhaps brief – return.

It’s left poor old Dom in a right pickle – like, how long can he leave it before moving on to someone else? If Kem’s anything to go by, he’s already waited too long.

As a result of all the Jess-shaped drama, we’ve made Dom the favourite to walk off the show (3/1), ahead of jilted Amber (10/3).

While, in less turbulent couples news, Marcel and Gabby (5/6) remain the clear favourites to win the show. Perhaps because they’re the only pair that look like they’re in a semi-functional relationship. Go figure!

I’ll see you at the crossroads, crossroads, crossroads. Back Marcel to be the top boy in the villa.

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