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Who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? Our Coronation Street infographic can help you solve the mystery

It's time to solve the biggest mystery in Weatherfield. Who tried to push Ken Barlow down the stairs?

It’s all kicking off in Weatherfield at the minute. There’s proposals, adultery, sex abuse and dollop of Ken Barlow saga, just for good measure. Who could possibly want to bump off the Corrie legend?

There’s a full squad of suspects being interviewed by the police, and with the general public turning into Sherlock Holmes, it’s time to uncover the mystery. Just who pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? We’ve drawn up an infographic with some help from Coronation Street Updates to narrow down the suspects, so it’s time to take your pick and get up to speed with the biggest drama on the Street.

Eccles the dog, who may have tripped up an unsuspecting Ken, is a whopping 100/1 to have caused the tumble, and could make some punters very happy.

Who Pushed Ken Barlow down the stairs? Betting odds

Betting has been suspended after it was revealed that Tracy Barlow will be in front of a judge for pushing Ken in tonight’s episode. (Monday 8 May)

But could she be covering for someone else, her daughter Amy, perhaps? Is she really capable of trying to top her own Dad? We think not.

Before the market was taken down ahead of tonight’s show, Daniel Osbourne was the clear favourite for the crime at 1/4. We saw some chunky bets from the Manchester area, alongside tens of  wagers on Amy Barlow.

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