Oscars Justice Payout: Paddy Power pays out on both La La Land and Moonlight as Best Picture winner after Oscars confusion

There was drama at the Oscars as the wrong movie was read out as winner of Best Picture - but don't worry, Paddy has your back #YouBeauty


There was drama on stage at the Oscars last night, as Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway wrongly announced La La Land as winner of Best Picture – despite Moonlight being the actual winner. Don’t worry folks, as Donald Trump’s election win proves, everyone makes mistakes.

But fear not punters, because just like in a Hollywood movie where the good-looking hero character saves the day, Paddy Power is here. Alright his BMI is slightly high and he’s not exactly Channing Tatum, but he is paying out on both La La Land and Moonlight as winners – which is excellent news for punters who were on La La Land at super-skinny odds of 1/6.

Plus – to brighten up your Monday morning, here’s the whole car crash shambles in full.

What follows is a two or three minute La La Land acceptance speech which was as awkward as watching Mrs Brown’s Boys with your mother, as you eagerly await the dawning realisation that they haven’t won the award at all. Enjoy!

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