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Celebrity Big Brother: One year since Tiffany’s ‘David’s Dead!’ CBB moment…

The housemate thought David Bowie's death was actually Gest's during her time in the house...


It has been one year today since one of the most memorable moments in Celebrity Big Brother history, one which sent the house into chaos and had many viewers branding it their favourite CBB moment ever.

David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie Bowie had been told the news of her husbands death to cancer in the diary room. She quietly told a couple of housemates, including Gest himself and John Partridge who were looking after her in the diary room.

She then told Tiffany Pollard, who mistakenly thought she was referring to their fellow housemate. You can see the full video below.

Daniella Westbrook was left to explain the situation to a confused Tiffany.

Sadly, Gest died in April 2016 and plenty of his CBB housemates flooded Twitter with heartfelt messages.

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